If you’re in the adult entertainment industry this is why you need a chartered accountant who specialises in your industry.

First you need a chartered accountant because any Tom, Dick or Harry can call themselves an accountant. Interestingly there are more Dicks than Toms or Harrys who do this! Believe me, I've met them and the mistakes they've made.

Only someone who is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants is allowed to call him or herself a chartered accountant. Behind the title you know that a chartered accountant has spent many hours studying to pass exams to ensure he or she gives you the correct advice. Having qualified they have to commit to continuing professional education to keep up to date. They must also have professional indemnity insurance in case they give the wrong advice and you also have the option if you're unhappy with their behaviour of complaining to the Institute (who will come down on them like a ton of bricks).

Second you need someone who specialises in your industry because what you do is specialist and you don't want an amateur advising you. Leaving aside the respect aspect which I've covered here you need someone who will make sure that you stay the right side of the law but who is able to advise you what you claim in expenses. It never ceases to surprise me the expenses clients are "afraid to claim" because they're frightened of HMRC. Having said that you need someone who is prepared to stand up to HMRC and fight your corner.

A specialist chartered accountant will do this. A Dick (or a Tom or Harry) won't.

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