Crickhowell - why bother? It will achieve Llareggub!

You may have read about the Welsh market town of Crickhowell which has decided turn the tables on multinationals such as Google and Facebook by employing the same accountancy practices used by the world's biggest companies, to move their entire town "offshore".

Sadly today's announcement by HMRC to close its 170 local offices has rather upstaged them. I felt so strongly about this that I wrote this letter to The Times:


Why did Crickhowell go to all that bother and expense trying to avoid tax by copying multinationals?

Today's announcement by HMRC that it is closing 170 offices in favour of 13 regional tax centres must be the clearest sign yet that the government is prepared to tolerate widespread tax evasion.

Yours sincerely,

Stuart Jones FCA

I doubt The Times will publish my letter but it was worth a try.

P.S. Llareggub is the name of a fictional small Welsh fishing village ("bugger all" backwards)

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