If you want to succeed in business be different

At the risk of being accused of stealing other people's quotes I really believe that if you want to succeed in business (any business) you have to be different.

And at the risk of being accused of muddying the waters more I would suggest that the biggest difference between large companies, which because of their size tend to be successful, and small businesses is that small businesses don't run their businesses in the same way. Principally, they don't have decent financial records.

If you really want to succeed you're going to have spend time on your "books". Technology has made it so much simpler than before. Bank transactions can be downloaded automatically into your accounts program. Regular transactions are "memorised" by the software and receipts from customers are automatically matched to outstanding invoices.

Have a look at Xero and see what you're missing. And then speak to me and let me tell how we can help you build your business.

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